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Maple trees Seeds

  • 4 photos
  • Maple tree seeds are one of the wonders of nature in their design and how they spin like helicopters or whirlybirds to the ground. photos by Wayne Hinshaw, for the Salisbury Post
  • 4/23/2018
  • Album ID: 2196035
  • Photos by Wayne Hinshaw

SoFul Yoga

  • 35 photos
  • The SoFul Yoga instructors are growing in numbers. They started with 3 co-owners and now they have grown to 10 instructors. photos by Wayne Hinshaw, for the Magazine Salisbury
  • 4/23/2018
  • Album ID: 2191179
  • Photos by Wayne Hinshaw

North Davidson 4; Salisbury 2 baseball

  • 23 photos
  • North Davidson won 4-2 over Salisbury in baseball to remain undefeated in conference play. photos by Wayne Hinshaw, for the Salisbury Post
  • 4/21/2018
  • Album ID: 2196697
  • Photos by Wayne Hinshaw

TWAM 5k Fun run

  • 12 photos
  • JON C. LAKEY / SALISBURY POST Pace Fowler (4) turns on the speed at the start of the race. Superheros to the street during the fun run to kick off the TWAM Mission 5K Run and Walk in downtown Salisbury on Friday night. Eleven small kids ran about seven blocks some dressed with capes, super hero t-shirts and at least one hooded jacket Friday, April 20, 2018, in , N.C.
  • 4/21/2018
  • Album ID: 2196686
  • Photos by Jon Lakey

Tractor and Trains Festival

  • 7 photos
  • Allison Eller, left, and her son Ayden pose for a photo on the train at the Transportation Museum April 14, 2018. (Photo by Rebecca Benson)
  • 4/18/2018
  • Album ID: 2196329
  • Photos by Rebecca Benson

East Rowan 1; Carson 0 baseball

  • 19 photos
  • East Rowan edged Carson 1-0 in a tight baseball game. photos by Wayne Hinshaw, for the Salisbury Post
  • 4/18/2018
  • Album ID: 2196207
  • Photos by Wayne Hinshaw

Fashion for a Cause 2018

  • 112 photos
  • JON C. LAKEY / SALISBURY POST Jane Hartsell from Annes. The 20th annual "Fashions for a Cause" to support the services of the Community Care Clinic was held at the Crystal Lounge on Tuesday. Models showed off more then 80 outfits as lunch was served to the guests. WBTV's David Whisenant served at the emcee for the show. Tuesday, April 10, 2018, in Salisbury, N.C.
  • 4/16/2018
  • Album ID: 2195976
  • Photos by Jon Lakey

Catawba Spring Football Game

  • 46 photos
  • Catawba concluded their spring football training with the annual spring game. photos by Wayne Hinshaw, for the Salisbury Post
  • 4/15/2018
  • Album ID: 2195816
  • Photos by Wayne Hinshaw

Honeycomb grill draws queen during spring swarm.

  • 10 photos
  • JON C. LAKEY / SALISBURY POST A downtown Salisbury parking lot was a spectacle for many downtown shop owners on Thursday afternoon as a swarm of honey bees decided to congregate on the nose of Don Vick's Honda Accord. Beekeeper Ted Goins, who lives in downtown Salisbury, responded to make an attempt to capture the queen and in a brooding box. With hopes of relocating the hive later in the evening. Thursday, April 12, 2018, in Salisbury, N.C.
  • 4/14/2018
  • Album ID: 2195984
  • Photos by Jon Lakey

Livingstone College Spring Football Game

  • 17 photos
  • Livingstone College completed their spring football practice season with an intra-squad game. photos by Wayne Hinshaw, for the Salisbury Post
  • 4/14/2018
  • Album ID: 2195756
  • Photos by Wayne Hinshaw